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Student Health Advantage

International Student Health Insurance

Charges for the following services, treatments and/or conditions, among others, are excluded from coverage under Student Health Advantage.

  1. Charges resulting directly or indirectly from or relating to any Pre-existing Condition, (whether physical or mental, regardless of the cause of the condition) are excluded from coverage under this insurance until the Insured Person has maintained coverage under this insurance plan continuously for at least twelve (12) months on the Standard level or for at least six (6) months on the Platinum level.
  2. Congenital Diseases
  3. Treatment or surgeries which are elective, investigational, experimental or for research purposes.
  4. Preventative Care: Charges for Routine Physical Examinations and immunizations are excluded from coverage under this insurance
  5. Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint or dental treatment, except as expressly provided for in the certificate of insurance.
  6. War, military action, political insurrection, protest, or any act thereof.
  7. Any sexually transmitted or venereal disease, and any testing for the following when not medically necessary: HIV, seropositivity to the AIDS virus, AIDS related Illnesses, ARC Syndrome, AIDS Pre-natal, post-natal, and newborn care, unless related to a Covered Pregnancy, treatment for infertility or impotency, sterilization or reversal thereof, or abortion.
  8. Charges incurred for any treatment or supply that either promotes or prevents or attempts to promote or prevent conception, insemination (natural or otherwise) or birth, including but not limited to: artificial insemination; oral contraceptives; treatment for infertility or impotency; vasectomy, or reversal of vasectomy; sterilization; reversal of sterilization; surrogacy or abortion
  9. Charges incurred for eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids or hearing implants and charges for any Treatment, supply, examination or fitting related to these devices, or for eye refraction for any reason
  10. Charges incurred for eye surgery, such as but not limited to radial keratotomy, when the primary purpose is to correct or attempt to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism
  11. Charges incurred for Dental Treatment, except as specifically provided for hereunder
  12. Wear and tear of teeth due to cavities and chewing or biting down on hard objects, such as but not limited to pencils, ice cubes, nuts, popcorn, and hard candies
  13. Dental Treatment for services which provide oral care maintenance including tooth repair by fillings, root canals, tooth removal and x-rays
  14. Charges for Treatment of an Illness or Injury for which payment is made or available through a workers' compensation law or a similar law
  15. Charges for any Illness or Injury resulting from or occurring during the commission of a violation of law by the Insured Person, including, without limitation, the engaging in an illegal occupation or act, but excluding minor traffic violations
  16. Biofeedback, acupuncture, music, occupational, recreational, sleep, speech, or vocational therapy
  17. Any non-surgical Illness or Treatment of the feet, including without limitation: orthopedic shoes; orthopedic prescription devices to be attached to or placed in shoes; Treatment of weak, strained, flat, unstable or unbalanced feet; metatarsalgia, bone spurs, hammer toes or bunions; and any Treatment or supplies for corns, calluses or toenails
  18. Hair loss, including without limitation wigs, hair transplants or any drug that promises to promote hair growth, whether or not prescribed by a Physician
  19. Any sleep disorder, including without limitation sleep apnea
  20. Any Injury or Illness sustained as a result of being under the influence of or due wholly or partly to the effects of alcohol, liquor, intoxicating substance, narcotics or drugs other than drugs taken in accordance with Treatment prescribed and directed by a Physician but not for the Treatment of Substance Abuse
  21. Any Injury or Illness sustained while operating a moving vehicle after consumption of intoxicating liquor or drugs in excess of the applicable blood/alcohol legal limit, other than drugs taken in accordance with Treatment prescribed and directed by a Physician. For purposes of this exclusion, “vehicle” shall include motorized devices regardless of whether or not a driver or operator license is required (including watercraft and aircraft) and non-motorized bicycles and scooters for which no permit or license is required
  22. Any willfully Self-inflicted Injury or Illness
  23. Treatment while confined primarily to receive custodial care, educational or rehabilitative care
  24. Any organ or tissue or other transplant or related services, Treatment or supplies
  25. Any Illness or Injury sustained while taking part in, practicing or training for: Amateur Athletics (except as otherwise expressly provided for in this insurance); Professional Athletics; or athletic activities that are sponsored by any Governing Body or Authority including the National Collegiate Athletic Association, any other collegiate sanctioning or Governing Body or the International Olympic Committee
  26. Any Illness or Injury sustained while taking part in activities designated as Adventure Sports, which are limited to the following: abseiling; BMX; bobsledding; bungee jumping; canyoning; caving; hot air ballooning; jungle zip lining; parachuting; paragliding; parascending; rappelling; skydiving; spelunking; whitewater kayaking or whitewater rafting in water less than Class V difficulty; wildlife safaris; and windsurfing
  27. Any Illness or Injury sustained while taking part in activities designated as Extreme Sports, which include but are in no way limited to the following (and include any combination or derivative of the following): BASE jumping; cave diving; cliff diving; downhill mountain biking and racing; extreme skiing; freediving; free flying; free running; free skiing; freestyle scootering; gliding; heli-skiing; ice canoeing; ice climbing; kitesurfing; mixed martial arts; motocross; motorcycle racing; motor rally; mountaineering above elevation of 4500 meters from ground level; parkour; piloting a commercial or non-commercial aircraft; powerbocking; scuba diving or sub aqua pursuits below a depth of 30 meters; snowmobile racing; truck racing; whitewater kayaking or whitewater rafting Class V and higher difficulty; and wingsuit flying
  28. Any Illness or Injury sustained while taking part in snow skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling where the Insured Person is in violation of applicable laws, rules or regulations of a ski resort, out of bounds or in unmarked or unpatrolled areas
  29. Any Illness or Injury sustained while participating in any sporting, recreational or adventure activity where such activity is undertaken against the advice or direction of any local authority or any qualified instructor or contrary to the rules, recommendations and procedures of a recognized governing body for the sport or activity

This is a summary of the plan exclusions, for a more complete list of exclusions please view the plan certificates here.