International Medical Group


International Medical Group (IMG) is an award-winning provider of global insurance benefits and assistance services. For more than 25 years, they have enabled their members to worry less and experience more by delivering the protection they need, backed by the support they deserve

History of IMG

IMG opened its doors in January 1990 in Indianapolis, Indiana, as an independent company that served as a managing general underwriter. With no established market for international insurance products, IMG built a solid foundation by providing multiple innovative insurance and reinsurance programs.

In the 1990s, IMG began paving the way for the international insurance market. Focusing on the still-undeveloped market for international insurance, IMG soon became the first international company to offer a full line of international products, the first to mass market these products, and the first to offer complete and secure online transactions for international insurance.

During a time when the international insurance market had yet to be discovered, IMG generated a wave of interest in the U.S., facilitating what has now become a multi-billion dollar industry. Today, IMG continues to hold a market-leading position, offering specialized programs for specialized needs — even providing its programs and services to other insurance companies.

With more than 25 insurance plans, 43,000 producers, 800,000 doctors and hospitals in its global database and millions of members worldwide, IMG continues to redefine the industry it has defined since 1990.