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International Travel Medical Insurance

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Applicant Information
If your trip includes the US or any US territory, select Yes
Coverage Dates

Date that coverage should begin. This date cannot be more than 6 months from today.

This date cannot be more than 12 months from the date coverage begins.
Coverage Options
The Adventure Sports Rider is available on both Patriot plans for those up to the age of 65. Certain adventure sports are covered (to the maximum amounts listed on the Benefits page) as long as they are engaged solely for leisure, recreation, or entertainment purposes. This is only a summary of Adventure Sports coverage and exclusions, please see Exclusion 8 for the full list of covered activities, exclusions and more information
Provides limited protection where Insured is responsible for Injury or personal property damage to a Third Party during coverage period. For injury to a third party, there is a $2,000 limit after a $100 deductible. For damage to third person property, there is a $500 limit after $100 deductible.
For every five months of continuous coverage you purchase, you can purchase one month of home country coverage as an accommodation and supplemental travel benefit, up to a maximum of two months. The total period of coverage may not exceed 12 months.
This optional rider is available to insureds up to age 65. It provides coverage for medical evacuations for sudden and unexpected medical conditions that are non life-threatening, and where hospitalization is medically necessary. This coverage is in addition to the Evacuation coverage already included in the plan. It also offers coverage for evacuations as a result of a natural disaster. This rider must be purchased for a minimum purchase of 3 months regardless of the minimum number of days being traveled.
This optional coverage is available for the primary insured person only. This coverage is in addition to the Accidental Death and Dismemberment already included in the plans. Coverage must be purchased for a minimum of three months.

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